Sujith Kumar – Tamil Motivation Speech


Maatram Foundation ( A tamil word meaning Change) helps in identifying students from economically poor back ground and provides complete education scholarship for professional education. In the last 3 years more than 212 students have been benefited out of this initiative. The foundation also helps in setting up school libraries for schools catering to economically poor students.

  • Well 1000’s of budding HRs have Sujith as their role model and I’m one amongst them.As a HR-Head Sujith is popular amongst Infoscions in Chennai.If you are lucky you can hear Sujith speak.Super amazing and interesting in Public Speaking that even 10,000 people can sit glued to their seats when Sujith addresses a gathering!!

  • Sujith is one of those unique charismatic leaders with above par people skills. He inspires us with his flair for communication and presentation skills. In the groups I have had a chance to work with him, I have known him to employ consensus building (while working on multi department groups) to arrive at optimum solutions for Chennai Development center. He knows the pulse of the employees and manages to effectively convey organizational goals in a balanced manner.

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