Kolapasi Restaurant Business Motivation Videos




Did my B Tech in Chennai and my Masters in the United States.

In 2010, after I had worked in the US for a few years, I returned to India and launched a garment business, with a retail outlet in Hyderabad.

Scaling it up, however, was a challenge due to financial constraints so I decided to explore other business opportunities.

I used to discuss my thoughts with my friends, Aditya Raju and Padmanabhan Murugan, who were also looking at becoming entrepreneurs.

Padmanabhan and I have been classmates since Class 3. Aditya was my wife’s classmate in engineering college.

The food industry looked particularly exciting to us, especially since it was so polarised.

If high-end, pricey restaurants populated one end of the spectrum, the other was dotted with inexpensive, low-end eateries.


Middle class families may visit a restaurant on the weekend, but they depend on home-cooked meals during the week.

Cooking, though, is a challenging, time-consuming task, especially when both partners work.

Our research revealed that women spend 80 to 100 hours a month on cooking, purchasing provisions, cleaning, chopping and the actual cooking.

If we could provide home-like cuisine at a reasonable price, we could give back 50 hours a month to the lady of the house.

We were clear we did not want to be classified as a restaurant, which is a highly competitive business space.

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