CEO & Founder of Nandha Infotech Motivational Speech



The Journey was not easy for a first-generation graduate and a first-generation entrepreneur to achieve success. Vignesh, CEO & Founder of Nandha Infotech shares his motivational journey of becoming an entrepreneur. It took a long way to achieve his dream. After graduation, he had the idea but to execute is where it was lacking. The journey wasn’t easy to not only become an entrepreneur but to become successful. His will power and courage towards achieving his dream become true after his long perseverance and struggles. He is now inspiring many students through training along with his entrepreneurial journey and by sharing his motivational business journey.

Learn to Learn | “Multiple World Record Holder”
Nandha Infotech is my firm with 6-plus years of service in the field of software development and training. My records were acknowledged by both the Universal Achievers Book of Records and Future Kalams Book of Record for Creating 153 Web application developed in 10 Hrs. by an individual. And as the youngest CEO to achieve this feat added one more crone to the success story of mine.

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